Close knit group text.

Being first generation Mexican-American, I grew up really close to all the women in my family. When I got my first period (I know, TMI) my mom called everyone to tell them the details! Yeah, That close! My mom has always been like a best friend to me. Even though we don’t have a lovey-dovey relationship we are super close. I tell her everything and anything. We don’t say ‘I love you’ to each other like  most mother-daughter relationships and that is ok. That’s just how we roll. My Tia Monica is like my second mom, she is always there if I’m in trouble or need advice. My Tia Mimi is like a crazy older sister to me, we are only 9 years apart and pretty much grew up together.

About 3 years ago I moved from my hometown of Tucson to Gilbert, AZ. At first, life was great! I was in a new town, I was spending more time with Eric! But after a while I started to get homesick. A couple of months later I started a group text with my Mom, Tia Monica and Tia Mimi. From there on it took off. Now our text thread probably has more than 10,000 texts between the 4 of us. We recently added my younger cousin Juliette to the group.

Now we text almost daily. We gossip, we vent, we send each other funny pictures, and it is great! Since we are all leading different lives this is a great way we can be present with each other even if its just for a few minutes. No matter the time or day I know I can always look forward to our group text to lift up my spirit! I love my Mujeres Locas!


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