Friday Favorite!

It is Friday, March 17th, 2017. Happy St.paddy’s Day! In honor of this holiday I will start of my Friday Favorites post with My Favorite Holiday!

My favorite holiday has to be Christmas! I love everything about it, from decorating, to wrapping gifts, to baking cookies! Now that we have kiddos it makes the holidays more fun! I can remember Dahlia’s second Christmas when she was finally old enough to open gifts! I felt so happy! Happier than I had ever felt at Christmas time! Seeing her get excited about her gifts made me feel so warm inside. I love to see my babies smile. Now that she is a little bit older, she will be 5 this coming Christmas, I am starting to teach her what the holidays are really about, Family.

Coming from a Mexican family we had always celebrated Christmas with Tamales, Menudo, Pan Dulce, and Abuelita’s Mexican hot chocolate!  Now that I am married with my own family I celebrate with my husband Eric’s family, and we have Prime Rib! YUM!!! I’m hoping this coming Christmas I can have a mix of both cuisines! It’ll be Interesting. 


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