When it comes to music I have a very diverse taste. I could be listening to The Doors one minute then switch to some punk then to Selena! I love all music.

One of my favorite genres is Indie Rock. More specifically the Post-Punk Revival of the late 90’s/early 2000’s from. The Strokes are one of those bands. From the first moment I heard Julian Casablancas’ voice I became an instant fan!  The first ever song I listened to was ‘Last Nite’ from their album ‘Is This it?’. I’m not sure what it was about that song that I was drawn to, I just knew I wanted more. From then on, I started to research them online. I remember finding a AOL video of ‘Reptilia’, probably their most well known song, and playing it over and over and over until my parents kicked me off the computer to use the phone (remember when the internet connection would hold up the telephone line lol). One day I heard it on the alternative rock radio station. I began calling the radio station everyday to request them to play it. After calling everyday for about a month I stole a cassette tape from my mother and decided to record the song off the radio so I could listen to it whenever I wanted! Now with the awesome power of fast technology I can pull up a youtube video of the strokes any time I want! its great! Click here to listen to Reptilia by The Strokes


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