Can’t sleep, wont sleep.

It’s 2:13 a.m. I’ve been up since 12:20 a.m. tossing and turning. I need a better bedtime routine. Falling asleep to the relaxing sounds of reality shows is not doing it anymore. As I’m sitting here drinking my sleepy-time tea, hoping to get sleepy to get at least one more hour of shut-eye before start my “Mom Shift”, I am trying to come up with my new bedtime routine. In January, I was diagnosed with post-partum depression (No, I’m not sad and I’m not suicidal) and one thing I am struggling with is sleeping through the night. Almost every night since I was 5 months pregnant I’ve needed to take some sort of sleep aid to keep my eyes shut till the morning time. Unisom was my best friend. The only problem with that is I wake up too groggy for my “Mom shift”. I am in need of more natural ways for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. Hopefully this works for me. I’ll update on it as I much as I can.

  • Warm bath- Just like babies sleep better with a warm comforting bath, adults can benefit from soaking in a warm bath before bed time. A warm bath can promote muscle relaxation, if you’re anything like me- a nervous wreck- this will most likely work!
  • Sleepy-time tea- Chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn and rosebuds. Chamomile helps to promote relaxation. Helps to ward off anxiety and tension.
  • Yoga-just as much as yoga in the morning can energize you and make you feel awake and refreshed, it can also help you wind down. A few poses like Child’s pose, Cat/Cow, Downward dog, Cobra can stretch out muscles and ease tension from your busy day.
  • Turn down for what? Lol just kidding, but seriously…turn everything off. Phones, ipads, TV, everything! The lights trick your brain into thinkin it is day time. This will be especially hard for me. My phone is in my hand 24/7. But I am willing to let it go for the sake of staying asleep all night.
  • Reading. Reading is fun! I love to get lost in a good book. Now that I’m a mom I don’t get to read as much as I’d like. Reading will give your brain a good like exercise before bed and help kill time until your eyes get droopy. I really don’t know what it is about being comfy in bed with a good book that gets you sleepy but whenever I do it I don’t last a full chapter! My next book will be “Gone Girl”, I love the movie so I’m excited to read the book!

It is now 2:46 a.m. I finished my cup of tea, now I’m ready to go back to bed. Time to practice what I preach!



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