My Collection.

So a little background on my collection. When I was a child we didn’t travel much. My mom took my older brother and I to Disneyland when I was 5 and he was about 8. Other than that we didn’t do much traveling for fun or vacations. Eric and I started planning trips together early in our relationship. Our very first trip together was to Disneyland for our first Valentine’s Day! It was so awesome. After that I realized how little I traveled for pleasure.

From that point forward I promised myself I would go on as many trips and vacation as I could. Spring forward to our first wedding anniversary – We just got back from Los Angeles, CA! A much needed little break from our busy lives. I brought back as many souvenirs as I could buy! One of them being postcards!

Yes, I collect postcards! They such a cool and inexpensive little thing to collect! I bought a 12-pack of Harry Potter postcards for $13! The coolest thing was that I could send them from Hogsmead! I mailed one to each of my favorite family members. They have a little stand where you could have your cards stamped, write a quick message and slip them into the box and every night “an owl” sends them off! 😀 If you’re anything like me – a HP fanatic – that would mean a lot to you!

So far I have collected postcards from Huntington Beach, CA; Orlando, FL, Universal Studios, CA! I look forward to collecting as many, many more!


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