When friends drift apart. 

My best friend’s name is Jasmine. Her and I have been best friends since kindergarten. About 19 years now! Where has the time gone? 

We were super close until high school. We didn’t go to the same school so he didn’t get to see each other much. She got new friends and so did I. We weren’t into the same thugs either: She was a cheerleader and a “preppy” girl and I was also a cheerleader but more on the “rocker” side. A couple of year after high school we had babies and became close again! Not as close as we were when we were kids but closer than that last few years! It was awesome! But it wasn’t the same. Of course we had our own lives but we made some time to see each other and get our kids together. 

Ever since I moved to Gilbert we’ve been drifting farther and farth apart. It’s sucks. I just really mis the days when we were younger and spent 90% of our time with each other laughing and goofing around. It makes me even more sad that our kids don’t really know each other. 


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